Gaming Studio
Vision & Technology
Our only focus is the success of the gaming experience. Our goal is to make our games as much fun as possible so many people would like to reach us.
Play Fair
Games are about fun and we are against of abusing of players. We never push anybody to share, buy or anything else but gameplay. Player’s privacy is first priority for us. Our player’s are in a safe zone with family and friends.
Fun Experience
We are gamers above all and our only criteria to craft a game is our own fun. First we must have fun of a game and be sure that all players will be satisfied by the gameplay. All others come later.
Multiscreen doesn’t mean risizing or croping for us. For every single screen, we recraft everything for a unique experience.
Connection Resilliency
On mobile internet, data connectivity has always been an issue against the user experience. Thanks to our connection resilliency technology, our players enjoy the uninterrupted gameplay.
Cross Platform
Our own crafted socket servers allows users on different platforms to enjoy a uniform game experience.
Latest Game
As the first incoming of our NEXT series of board games
Next Backgammon is on available.